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The Jewish Caucus is a group of speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and communication sciences and disorders professionals, undergraduate and graduate students. The goal of the Jewish Caucus is to represent Jewish professionals and students within the CSD discipline and members of the Jewish community with communication disorders. The Jewish Caucus aims to be a resource and advocate for the broader Jewish community, addressing concerns on professional, educational, social, political, and cultural fronts. We actively work to develop and advance programs and policies that foster a culture of inclusion and eradicating hate of any kind. As professionals and future professionals, we recognize our responsibility to advocate for these values not only within our community but also in the services we provide. We are committed to educate the individuals we treat, promoting understanding and tolerance in our broader professional interactions.

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Adding Jewish voices and values to strengthen and unify ASHA

Our Mission


The Jewish Caucus is a professional community and safe space dedicated to amplifying Jewish voices and honoring Jewish values with students, professionals, collaborators, and the individuals we serve.

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Our vision is to cultivate an inclusive and empowered community within ASHA, addressing the concerns and issues of Jewish members while actively integrating Jewish voices and values. By doing so, we aim to strengthen and unify ASHA, fostering a diverse and harmonious environment that reflects the richness of our collective experiences.

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